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Well-Woman Exam Specialist

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Maintaining optimal gynecological and reproductive health at any age improves your overall quality of life. The annual pelvic and wellness exam is an essential step in this process. Schedule yours with one of the expert providers at OB-GYN Associates of Marietta with locations in Woodstock and Marietta, Georgia. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to review your gynecological health.

Well-Woman Exam Q & A

Why are routine wellness exams important?

Annual wellness visits that include pelvic exams allow your provider to assess your reproductive health and overall wellness to determine if any disease or illness has developed. Plus, these visits can ensure you’re doing all you can to take care of your health. Regular wellness exams also allow your OB-GYN to detect any abnormalities early, so they don’t escalate into serious complications.

What happens at a wellness exam?

A wellness exam, sometimes called a well-woman exam, includes a pelvic exam, general physical, breast exam, and often a Pap smear. The annual visit is also a good time to update your provider at OB-GYN Associates of Marietta on your work and life situation and your health history.

Your doctor performs the pelvic exam to identify any issues and to do a Pap smear, which can detect irregular cells that put you at risk for cervical cancer. As you reach your 40s, you’ll be referred to get a mammogram which screens for breast cancer.

If you have questions about birth control or sexually transmitted diseases, a wellness exam is a good time to bring them up. If you have concerning symptoms, such as an unusual vaginal discharge, the doctors may recommend testing. Request testing if you have multiple partners or a partner who has multiple partners.

Also raise any concerns about irregularities with your menstrual cycle, pelvic pain, or discomfort during intercourse.

When should women begin having wellness exams?

Girls aged 13-15 benefit from establishing a relationship with an OB-GYN with an annual wellness exam. These visits don’t usually involve a pelvic exam, but give a girl the chance to discuss questions about sexuality, their menstrual cycle, and overall health. Plus, the doctors perform a general physical.

What is a Pap smear?

A Pap smear is a screening test for cervical cancer. The test can identify the presence of irregular cells that may need further diagnosis or treatment. You should have your first Pap smear at about age 21 and then get on a regular schedule as recommended by the providers at OB-GYN Associates of Marietta.

To take care of your health, schedule your wellness exam by calling one of the locations or using the online booking tool.