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Below you will find a large selection of handouts and information sheets about our obstetrical services. Please review these informative sheets and let us know if you have any questions.

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Cord Blood Banking


  Breast Pumps & Abdominal/Back Supports


OB-GYN Associates and Your Pregnancy


General Pregnancy Information

 Car Safety for Pregnant Women, Babies, and Children (ACOG)


 Your Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy


Pre-Pregnancy Planning

 Food/Nutrition: Good Health Before Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Planning Your Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Preconception Carrier Screening (ACOG)


Labor, Delivery, & Postpartum Care

 Assisted Vaginal Delivery (ACOG)




 Breastfeeding Your Baby (ACOG)


 10 More Reasons to Breastfeed


 Cesarean Birth (C-section) (ACOG)


 Exercise After Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring During Labor (ACOG)


 How to Tell When Labor Begins (ACOG)


 Induction of Labor (OGA)


 Labor Induction (ACOG)


 Medications for Pain Relief During Labor and Delivery (ACOG)


 Newborn Circumcision (ACOG)


 Newborn Hearing Detection


 Nutrition and Pregnancy


 Postpartum Depression (ACOG)


 Preterm (Premature) Labor and Birth (ACOG)


 Safe Sleep for Your Baby


 Safe to Sleep Initiative


 Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery: Deciding on a Trial of Labor After Cesarean Delivery (ACOG)



Additional Pregnancy Information 

 Adoption/Abortion/Raising the Baby -Pregnancy Choices (ACOG)


 Back Pain - Ease Pain During Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Birth Defects (ACOG


 Birth Defects Screening Tests (ACOG


 Birth Defects - Diagnosing (ACOG)


 Birth Defects: FAQ about α-fetoprotein (OGA)


 Bleeding During Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Breastfeeding - The Surgeon General's Report


 Breech - If Your Baby is Breech (ACOG)


 Common Discomforts of Pregnancy (OGA)


 Cystic Fibrosis: Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis (ACOG)


 Dental Health in Pregnancy


 Diabetes and Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Diabetes: A Healthy Pregnancy for Women With Diabetes (ACOG)


 Diabetes: Gestational Diabetes (ACOG)


 Early Preterm Birth (ACOG)


 Ectopic Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Exercise During Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Exposure: Childhood Illness and Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Father's Guide to Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Food/Nutrition: Food Safety At-A-Glance (OGA)


 Food/Nutrition: Nutrition During Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Genetic Disorders (ACOG)


 Group B Streptococcus and Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Having a Baby After Age 35 (ACOG)


 Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Multiple Pregnancy (ACOG)


 High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy (ACOG)


 HIV and Pregnancy (ACOG)


 How Your Baby Grows (ACOG)


 Medications To Avoid (ACOG)


 Morning Sickness (ACOG)


 Miscarriage: Early Pregnancy Loss: Miscarriage and Molar Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Miscarriage: Repeated Miscarriage (ACOG)


 Nutrition During Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Obesity and Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Preeclampsia and High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Pregnancy Choices: Raising the Baby, Adoption, and Abortion (ACOG)


 Prenatal Development: How Your Baby Grows During Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Post Dates: What to Expect After Your Due Date (ACOG)


 Rh Factor: How It Can Affect Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Skin Conditions During Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Testing: Diagnostic Tests for Birth Defects (ACOG)


 Testing: Routine Tests in Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Testing: Screening Tests for Birth Defects (ACOG)


 Testing: Special Tests for Monitoring Fetal Health (ACOG)


 Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs and Pregnancy (ACOG)


 Travel During Pregnancy (ACOG)



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